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Friday, March 13, 2009



A couple of days ago M. and D.L. spent the day with us. They are so beautiful, Lord. Thank You.

M. was in an unusual mood--a talkative mood. I don't think he had two consecutive minutes of silence all day long. Even when he played computer games he kept talking. Normally he is spell-bound by his favorite games so that we hear only an occasional cheer. But today, Lord, he talked to the computer, to himself, to me, the entire time.

We played several of his make-believe games today, too, and, once again, he never hushed the entire time. It was like one long run-on sentence from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. when we took them home. As I walked from their front porch to my car I could hear him still talking excitedly to his Mom and Dad!

Sometimes I'm like that when I pray, aren't I? I bow my little head, maybe even get on my knees, and start one long run-on sentence. Lots of "Lord, help me. Lord, help him or her. Lord fix this...Lord, fix them. Lord, I need...Lord, I want..."

Sometimes I make prayer into a one-way conversation. Now THAT's an oxymoron, isn't it?

A conversation takes at least two people exchanging ideas or comments. When I'm in one of my talkative moods You never get to say a word, do You? That's not a conversation at all.

Forgive me, Lord. Please help me to speak less and listen more when I pray.


Sometimes children do love to chatter, don't they? The same thing is true of you, My Child. Did you become irritated with M. when he talked on and on? Or did you wait in silence for him to empty his heart? For him to run out of words? For him to talk himself into a corner so that you could then speak a few well-chosen words?

Why? Because you love him. Because he is important to you.

I also love you enough to let you chatter on until your words are spent and you realize your need to listen for a while. Listening is a gift, remember? A gift you give to someone you love and respect and care about.

And I really do care about you.