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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time Spent


Well, Lord. I'm in the middle of another big decision. Oh, the fate of the nation doesn't depend on it. But my decision will have a major impact on my writing, my volunteering at church, my family, my sleeping time. Time. That's what this decision will seriously impact. How I designate my time.

Lord, if I say yes to this opportunity it will siphon a lot of my time away from family, writing, teaching, sleep. And I DO need my sleep, Lord. The older I get, the more entrenched this fibromyalgia becomes, the more sound, restful sleep I need.

Lord, the bottom line for me is this: do YOU want me to do this project at this time in my life? If You do, then the time will fall into place. I know that because You've done it many times in the past.

However, if You don't want me to do this thing it will cause me undo stress and pressure and it won't glorify You in the long run. I know this from past experience also.

Lord, please give me a clear yes or no. I want to invest my time in the places & activities You have chosen for me.


Okay, Little One. I hear your question & your request. Now, stop talking about it. Be quiet. Be observant. Tune in your spiritual ears to all that's going on around you, and you'll hear & see My answer. Clearly.

You can rest in that.