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Friday, February 20, 2009



Lord, I'm embarrassed when I think about some of the "dreams" I've had in times past. "Dreams" of serving You as a famous this or that. Thousands of people flocking to hear me or read after me. They are childish dreams. Dreams born in my imagination, fathered by my inflated ego.

You alone exalt, and You alone abase. You put us in places of notoriety, or obscurity. You gift us for grand and glorious things, or for humble things. You promote, and You tear down.

I believe that. And I ask You to forgive me for those foolish dreams of years gone by. I ask You to take complete control of whatever gifts and opportunities You give to me, and use them however, wherever, whenever You choose.

The ripples of my life may stretch to the farthest shores, or only to the next lily pad, Lord. Either way, I surrender those childish dreams to Your sovereign will for me.


I love that word, Little One. Surrender.

When you finally reach that point where you let go of all those dreams and schemes, then I can grab a hold of your life and do marvelous things in and through and with you.

With your surrendered life.