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Wednesday, February 25, 2009



I'm still thumbing through The Beloved Disciple, refreshing my memory on some memorable words from Beth Moore. These words express so well the way I think and feel, Lord.

I am convinced that the essence of abundant life is simply put: an abundance of God in our lives. I don't just want to do the church thing. I want to experience God every day of my mortal life! And walk with Him as surely and vividly as I could walk with flesh and bone. I want to see His glory that the prophet Isaiah said fills the earth. I don't just want to be saved from destruction, as thankful as I am for the deliverance. I want to bask in the favor of His pure presence. I want God...and a lot of Him! (page 166)

I remember as a kid spending our summers camping at Ocean Pond, a small lake in Olustee, FL. We were in the water every possible minute. Early in the morning we'd jump into the chilly lake to splash and play, dive and swim. When our teeth started chattering Mama would make us get out for a while. We'd wrap up in a large towel, then spread it out meticulously on the wooden dock in the sun. We'd stretch out and bask in that Florida sunshine until our suits were dry and we were toasty warm all over.

I want to bask like that in the favor or Your pure presence, Lord.


Stretch out in My presence, Little One. Be still. Enjoy My radiant love. Let me bathe you in My energy, and comfort you with My warmth. You can never get too much of My Sonshine.