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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reach Up


Yesterday two people dear to me called. They were both in distress, Lord. Reach down from heaven and take hold of their hands, please. One was in distress because someone he loves is making some stupid choices and making some life-destroying moves. He was hurting for his friend.

The other dear one was in distress because-well-because life has just not turned out the way it was supposed to, Lord. She is fighting battle after battle, day after day, with no end in sight. Lord, breathe into her Your wisdom, Your courage to make changes. Breathe into her Your grace to live with the things she cannot change. That's the big one, Lord. Grace to live JOYFULLY with the things we cannot change.

Hold them, Father. Give them a hug so real they can feel Your arms around them and hear the rhythm of Your heartbeat.


Life is so hard for you, Little One. So many choices. Too little wisdom. But I'm here. My grace is available. If they'll just reach up, just a little, I'll grab hold of their hands and not let go.