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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Praying Scripture


I'm involved in a women's Bible class at church for the next few weeks and the video material is terrific, Lord. Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed presents three incredible female Bible teachers and I'm grateful that I signed up for the class. You are speaking to me through the video presentations and through the workbook exercises.

Last week the section on praying Scripture on behalf of other people really spoke to me. The way Beth Moore presented it was enlightening yet so practical. I'm trying to apply the practice to my times with You, Lord.

Now, as I read Your Word I'm looking for verses that encapsulate my requests for people I love and/or have a burden for. People whose names I call out to You over and over again. Now, I've been challenged to find a promise, a principle, or a petition in Your Word that I can pray back to You for those specific people. Because Your words are always better than my words.

And I want to hide those verses in my heart, too, Lord. That's difficult for me. Memorizing anything is a challenge for me. And searching for those verses keeps my heart tuned to prayer as I read.

Thank You, Father, for this course and what it is adding to my life.


My Word. My verbal expression of My Self. A picture of Me painted with words that You can comprehend and relate to, Little One. It is way more powerful than You can imagine. Powerful when you read it. Powerful when you preach it or teach it. Powerful when you memorize it. Powerful when you pray it, too.

Keep praying. I'll listen. I'll answer. I'll honor My Word.