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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Prayer Warrior


I remember as a child growing up in a small Baptist church hearing the term "Prayer Warrior" often, Lord. It was almost always said about some elderly female church member, usually widowed, ill or disabled, and unable to come to church services. But people would call her with their prayer needs. Our church would send her our bulletin each week. Pastor would visit in her home weekly, and she would pray for him. Our church secretary would type up the prayer requests from Wednesday night prayer meeting and send them to her.

I would hear testimonies about people being saved, being called to preach, or forsaking all to go to the foreign mission field all because of the prayers of this Prayer Warrior.

She was someone whom, I thought at the time, was too weak or old or sick to do anything else for God so she prayed. Foolish thoughts. "When I was a child I spoke as a child..."

Now that I'll soon be 60 years old myself I have put away those childish thoughts and I'm beginning to understand what it means to be a Prayer Warrior, Lord. My list of people and events and problems and tragedies and illnesses and needs just keeps swelling with more and more names. Those names pecked out on this keyboard represent real people fighting real battles every day.

Battles. They are on the front lines struggling to gain ground in this life and hold onto whatever progress they've made in their relationship to You, Lord. And they are counting on people like me to be their support personnel funneling Your supplies of hope, faith, courage, patience, wisdom, obedience, and an occasional miracle their way. They depend on Prayer Warriors guarding the rear as they face the foe, Satan, daily.

The more people and needs I pray for the more keep coming my way. This time on my knees before Your throne really IS a battle, isn't it, Lord? A battle being waged in the invisible realm of the spirit world. A battle I can't see, but I can feel. A battle with a real enemy whom I engage each time I throw myself at Your feet.

Make me a good soldier, Lord. Faithful, dependable, vigilant, courageous, focused, humble, dedicated, loyal to my General.


You have absolutely no idea how great a battle you are waging, Little One. All the demons of hell tremble when they see you and My other children drawing your weapons and lifting your shields as you charge into Satan's territory.

Keep praying. Never quit. Do not surrender to discouragement or loneliness or disillusionment. Do not retreat. Pray and pray and pray some more.

My army marches forward on their knees.