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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Me Do It!


Yesterday for the first time our youngest grandson (27 months old), D.L. sat in my lap in front of this monitor, Lord. I opened up one of the online games that his big brother plays so I could introduce D.L. to the idea of using a mouse. My approach was exactly the same as it had been with M. I wrapped my hand around the mouse, then showed D.L. (repeatedly) how to wrap his little hand around mine. It worked with M., so I figured it would work this time, too.

Well, D. L. and M. are two dramatically different people. With characteristic gusto his tiny hand grabbed the toddler-sized mouse on my desk. "Me do it, MeMe!" He started clicking, clicking, clicking and kept yanking the mouse away from me.

"Let MeMe help you, Buddy."

"No! Me do it!"

And to tell the truth, Lord, he was doing a good job of whizzing through that game. I finally figured out how to sneak my hand around the back side of the mouse so I could guide his movements. He stormed through the first round of the game in less than five minutes.

That was enough for him. He squiggled out of my lap and raced to the play room and a wagon load of giant building blocks.

"We'll try it again the next time the boys are here! We'll just keep trying it in small doses. As he matures he'll let me guide him so he can eventually do it correctly," I decided.

You can so relate to this, can't You, Father? You try to introduce me to new things in my life. You try to show me a truth in Your Word, or teach me a new way of relating to people, or a new way of responding to You. You try to get me to use the gifts You've given in new ways. Like D.L. I jump in there and grab the situation by the horns.

"Me do it, Father!"

So you circumvent my self-centered ideas of how to do it myself, and find a way to guide me into those new ideas You want to teach me. Like D.L. I keep jumping off Your lap and racing from project to project, idea to idea. But You just gently keep herding me back in the direction You want me to go.

Thank You, Father. Thank You for not becoming impatient with me. For not becoming exasperated with my independent streak. For not throwing up Your hands and saying, "I quit! I give up on you!"


Now why would I give up on you, Little One? You are the apple of My eye. You are a beautiful ornament I wear around My neck. You are the object of My undying affection and My everlasting love. You are My precious Little One and you always will be.