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Friday, February 13, 2009

Learn to Love


For years I taught the children in my classes this little song, Lord:

Jesus is my true Valentine,
His heart was pierced for me.
I cannot tell why He loved me so well.
But He proved it at Calvary.

It's so true, Lord Jesus. You, Perfect Love wrapped in flesh, willingly shed Your life's blood to pay the eternal penalty for my sin. There is no greater expression of love. There is no higher aim in life than to love like that. To love others so well that the greatest sacrifice is considered a joy.

Lord, I can never learn to love like that. But I want to spend the rest of my days on earth leaning into You, letting every particle of Your perfect love rub off on me.


Have you noticed that, if a dog really trusts you, he will squeeze up as close to you as he can, then lean into your leg or body. He will press his head up next to you and let all of his weight fall on you. Nothing makes him happier than for you to reach out and touch him at that moment.

Lean into Me, Little One. Trust Me. Let all the weight of your world fall on Me. Let me touch you and show you how to love others so well that they can lean on you, too.