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Monday, February 2, 2009

It's A Job


Well, it's the day after, Lord. The day after the biggest day of the year for many Americans. The SUPER BOWL! I didn't watch it. I don't even know who won or which teams were playing.

I'm definitely not into pop culture, am I? This event is the highlight of the month of January. It seems to carry millions of people over the emotional slump that follows Christmas, I think. We humans are so emotionally frail. We want to leap from high to high. Like spring lambs run amok we hop from event to event emotionally. The real rise starts around Thanksgiving time (another humongous football day, Lord.) We bounce along emotionally as we rip the pages from the December calendar.

Christmas is the BIG emotional culmination for children and the adults who love them. Then, to keep ourselves from touching the ground we bounce on to New Year's Eve with the promise of party, party, party. Then it's another quick bounce to Super Bowl Sunday. A smaller bounce seems to carry us to Valentines Day. Then there is something of a slide.

I guess I'm too old or too something for all the hoop-lah, Lord. I just don't get it-all the fanatic enthusiasm for sports and the professional athletes who dominate so much of pop culture. I look other places for my heroes.

I look to military men & women; Lord, protect those who are protecting us around the globe.

I look to police officers, fire-fighters, emergency personnel; Lord, protect them also. Surround them with Your bullet-proof, fire-proof armor as they serve us.

I think of teachers, medical personnel, social workers; Lord, give them wisdom & renewed compassion for the people they assist. Protect them from diseases and the rage of those they serve.

I guess my image of "heroes" is tangent to those who fall at the feet of professional athletes, Lord. But I pray, too, for those men and women who earn their fortunes playing games. You've given them much-health, strength, skill, influence, money. I pray they will recognize that all of those good gifts come from You. I pray they will be good stewards and use all of their blessings not only to help their fellow humans, but to humbly serve You.


It's a job, Little One. Playing these hyped up games is a job. It's their work. It's what they do to support their families. Yes, sometimes there is a lot of fame and/or fortune attached to those prestigious jobs. But it's a job.

What about your job, Little One? Are you using the influence you have to help your fellow humans? Are you using your job-whatever it is-to humbly serve Me?