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Tuesday, February 3, 2009



Our little grandson, D.L., isn't a baby anymore, Lord. He's 26 months old and changing daily. Right now he's figuring out who he is. That he's an individual, a person separate from his Mommy & others, but also a part of a family-a bunch of people who love him & take care of him.

He studies the family photos hanging in our dining room, then proudly rattles off the names of those familiar faces. He's grasping the truth that though he's the smallest & youngest in our family, he's an important member of our family. He's himself, an individual all on his own, but he's also part of "us."

This phase of his growth-understanding his identity-is vital to his emotional development, to his future relationships, & to his future emotional health as an adult.

The same is true of us spiritually speaking, isn't it, God? We need to understand who we are in Christ Jesus. To understand & accept by faith that we are IN Christ, that we are part of His body (the Church). We need to know that we're forgiven and that we are sealed inside this wonderful family of God. We're no longer just sinners facing the universe alone. Once we accept Jesus as our Savior we become clean and whole and pure. We are adopted & accepted into the beloved family of God for all eternity.

Thank You, for D.L. & M. & C. & O. & J. Thank You that our family has so many precious people to love each other, to accept & forgive each other, to lean on each other & hold each other up.

Thank You, too, Lord, for our eternally secure identity as individuals precious to You & as members of Your forever family, too.


Your family wouldn't be complete without each one of you, now would it? Bodies linked by genetics & by choice. Hearts linked by love. That's family.

That's My forever family, too. Little One. Eternal souls linked by eternal Love-Mine.