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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Changing One Heart For Many


Lord, I've made a commitment to pray each Monday for the remainder of 2009. A commitment to come to Your throne asking that You change the heart of President Obama. Asking You to change his thoughts and efforts regarding abortion in America. Every Monday.

So, here I am, Lord, kneeling before You. I beg You to save the lives of countless numbers of unborn children by changing the heart of the leader of this country I call home.


This subject breaks My heart, Little One. So many children have joined us here in heaven because their mothers chose abortion. They are precious. Beautiful. Pure. Safe here with Me.

But the injustice of their deaths breaks My heart. The shock waves of their deaths tear through the lives of their parents and your entire society. That breaks My heart.

I hear the chorus of voices praying for this man who is now The Leader of the free world. I hear. My heart is moved. I am responding.

A Special Note to Readers:

I read about this Prayer Team on Cheryl's R & R blog which belongs to my friend, Cheryl Barker. I appreciate her generosity in letting me pass her message along to you.

I want to pass along news about this vital prayer team for President Obama that my fellow blogger Melinda kicked off in January -- the Changing One Heart for Many pro-life blogger prayer team.

Members of this team commit to pray for President Obama each Monday asking God to change his heart on the subject of abortion. Each person decides the length of your commitment. Please read Melinda's Jan. 21st post for details about the team and other information on this important topic.

The "Changing One Heart for Many" button on my sidebar will also take you directly to Melinda's post introducing the effort.

I hope that you'll consider joining Melinda, me, and, as of last count, nearly 200 others in earnestly pleading with God to change one heart -- one heart that will impact so many others.

Even if you're a blog reader and don't actively blog yourself, hop on over and read Melinda's posts each Sunday for updates, info, and the prayer we can pray jointly for President Obama each Monday. Won't you answer this call? Won't you enter the fray? This is a spiritual battle. It will be won only by earnest prayer.

Remember, our prayers make a difference because God makes a difference!