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Wednesday, February 11, 2009



I had a dream, Lord. I was standing at the foot of a huge, snow-covered mountain. I was admiring it's terrible beauty. Millions of tons of snow rested on its granite shoulders. I was thinking what a breathtaking, yet treacherous sight it was.

Then, in the distance I heard one small crack, like a tree limb breaking free from an ancient tree. Then a series of crashes and thuds as that branch hit the ground and tumbled free from the trunk that had supported it and the roots that had nourished it.

Then I saw a mass of white powder fly into the air where the branch had tumbled. That powder started a reaction. Mammoth amounts of snow began to slide down that mountain like a child's ice cream cone abandoned in the sun.

I stood there helpless. I could see the massive sheets of snow heading straight for me. Everything in its path was buried in seconds. Trees, animals, cabins, other people. The thunderous roar of tons of snow deafened me. And I was frozen to my spot. I knew that nothing could stop the inevitable. Nothing could protect me or anyone from this massive denuding of the mountain.

I was doomed to being buried alive.

Sometimes I think that is where I am really standing, Lord. I'm watching a moral & ethical avalanche in our country. I know we've been on a downhill slide for decades. But it seems like the cascading immorality has suddenly erupted into a full-blown avalanche of human degradation, and I'm not sure of the right path to take to evade it, to protect myself and my loved ones, or to stop the destruction from wiping us all out.

Lord, be our shelter, our high tower, our rock. We have no place to hide but in You.


I am your rock, Little One. Your fortress and your deliverer; I am your rock, you can take refuge in Me. I am your shield and the strength of your salvation, your stronghold against impending doom.

When it seems there is no place to hide, run to Me. I am higher and deeper and wider and stronger than any avalanche.