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Monday, February 16, 2009



I was leading our women's Bible class Sunday morning, Lord. We had a special guest telling us about her recent missions trip to Uganda. It was wonderful to watch the ladies in our group listening intently, drawn to the images on the laptop screen. They weren't just listening politely; they were soaking it in. That is amazing to me.

Anyway, I knew I'd have only a few minutes to present our lesson materials, so I remember praying Saturday night and Sunday morning for You to filter the words I was to say and let only the most pertinent things come out of my mouth.

Once again You amazed me with the way You literally answered my feeble prayer. You knew my thoughts before I could organize them or formulate them into sentences, Lord. The clock was ticking. The wheels were whirling in my head. We read two verses of Scripture. Then, a story that illustrated those verses perfectly just popped into the front of my mind.

I know it didn't just appear there, Lord. You put it there. I haven't thought about that story in years. It wasn't in my lesson plans. But You pulled open the filing cabinet of my mind and whipped that story out without missing a beat.

Our minds are such amazing instruments. They are capable of so much more than we can imagine. And to think that Your mind is mega-trillions of times more complex and incredible than our minds...I can't begin to comprehend that, Lord.

There it was, a story in my head, stored away years ago, so that You could pull it out at exactly the right time. That 5-minute lesson riveted the truth of those verses to our hearts and minds. I thank You and praise You for that.

Oh, I wish I had the vocabulary to describe You, Lord.


You are so welcomed, Little One. You are so welcomed.

BTW: I DO have the vocabulary to describe you.

Precious. Redeemed. Delicate. Beautiful. Adopted. Beloved. Eternal. Mine.