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Thursday, January 15, 2009

What One Thing?


I've been rolling this around in my mind for about 36 hours now. What one object would represent my relationship to You, Lord? What one thing could I wear around my neck, or slip between the pages of my Bible, or hang on a wall or stand on my desk?

Like You said, Lord, something to remind me of who I am to You.

Lots of objects have come to mind. I shared some of them with a Bible class Wednesday morning. But I think I've found it. Something that will uniquely remind me of my relationship to You.

An earthen jar.

I know, it's not original. The Apostle Paul coined the phrase, I suppose in 2 Corinthians 4:7. But it is what stands out from the dozens & dozens of things I've considered.

A clay jar makes me remember who I am:

An ordinary person not particularly beautiful or talented or powerful.
An empty vessel waiting to be filled with more of You.
Designed for a particular purpose.
Clay in Your hands, my Potter.
Strengthened & made useful by the fires of life.
Valuable to You, my Owner.
Possessing potential limited only by Your resourcefulness, my Master.
An original, bearing the signature mark of my Creator.
Needing to be clean on the inside and the outside. Washed in the blood of the Lamb.

I'm wondering what object my readers will choose.


Well done, Little One. I notice you pulled out that little pot someone gave you & put it on a shelf so you can see it each day. I hope it will help you to remember that you are far more valuable to me than any clay pot could ever be.

You are worth more than the combined luminescence of every star I ever created.

You are worth more than all the crystal clear songs of all the birds that ever took wing.

You are worth every drop of royal blood Jesus shed for you.


Because you are Mine.