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Thursday, January 29, 2009



Lord, You are my Teacher. Thank you. The stories of the New Testament reveal that Your disciples called You "Master" - Teacher. Even those outside Your circle of followers called You that.

The Old Testament is splashed with references to Your being our Teacher. Like Psalm 25.

"Shew me thy ways, O LORD, teach me thy paths."

I am thrilled and humbled that You called me to be a teacher, too. I spent many years in classrooms teaching children, opening up truths in front of them as they navigated their way into adulthood. Then, there are the years I spent teaching teachers. I loved it! For me nothing equaled the satisfaction of seeing that "AHA!" moment on a learners face.

Now I have this huge privilege of teaching women. I get to experience the joy of serving up Your Word, then watching as the truths You have for those women hit the bulls eyes of their hearts. They, too, experience that "AHA!" when Your Word targets an area of their lives and hits dead-on.

I remember, tragically, a few teachers who didn't love to teach, Lord. They did it because it was their job and they needed the income. Oh, they tried to hide the fact that they dreaded every day in the classroom. Two big red flags made it easy to spot them, though. One-they didn't love children; they tolerated them. And two-they didn't love to learn. They were smug in the same old ideas and methods they had learned eons ago in college. They were snuggled into their same old beliefs and habits personally, too.

If there's no room for learning in my life, then there is absolutely no room for teaching.

Yesterday in Bible class one of the ladies (possibly the oldest lady in the group) told us that during the week as she read, studied, and prepared for class it hit her that You are still teaching her. Even though she's well beyond sixty years old You are still reaching out to her and teaching her new things about herself, about You, about other people, about Your Word.

Teach me, Lord. Until I pass through the portal of death, keep teaching me.


Don't you just love to teach someone who loves to learn? It's so much fun! Be an eager student, Little One. Sit at my feet with eyes, ears, and heart wide-opened. I'll guide you into My truth.