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Monday, January 26, 2009

A Swelling Tide


Oh, Lord. I spend these few minutes with You each day talking about my life. Reminding You of the needs of the people I love. Some days I throw myself at Your feet and weep. Some days I dance before Your throne and thank You for the wonderful gifts and blessings You send our way. Some days I kneel in silence as I grab the horns of the altar and beg for understanding, for courage, or for grace to accept what You are doing in my life.

Some days I stumble over my own words. Some days the joy and peace in my heart make the words cascade over the brim and puddle around Your throne.

However I come to You, Lord, I walk away with full confidence that You met me in this time of prayer. You received my words, my thoughts, my emotions and embraced them. You accepted them as my act of worshipping You.

I walk away from this moment knowing that You are going to respond to the feeble words whispered here. I know that You will act. You will do what is best for me, for those whose names I whisper, or cry out, or garble through tears to You.

My vision is limited. I cannot see through dark clouds. I cannot see beyond today's horizon, Lord. I cannot see past today. Or into the recesses of another's heart. But I can pray with confidence knowing that You can. And You do.

When I pray You reach down and plunge Your hand into people's lives. I cannot begin to know all the ripples that result from that. I cannot imagine how those ripples swell with the tide of time and wash over the beaches of other people's lives. Until I see it all with eternal eyes and perspective someday, I will not know or understand how Your responses to these stammering words touch the shores of many lives. How they wash away the sand and grit and bring ashore Your love, mercy, protection, and forgiveness to many, many people.

People touching people, who touch more people, who reach out to even more people around the world. All because You keep Your Word. You answer prayers offered from one small heart.


My precious Little One, you have no concept of the power that hovers over your prayers. Not because they are yours. Not because you have some gift or special anointing or connection to Me. No. The power is not in you, Little One. The power is in Me.

When you are obedient, when you bring every minute issue of your life to Me, when you seek My plan, My direction, My way for you and for others, I will accept your offering of words and change the course of your life, and of other people's lives, to answer those prayers.

Prayer IS powerful, Little One. Your tiny mind can't even begin to imagine how powerful it is when it comes from a heart that trusts Me.