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Friday, January 30, 2009

Slaughter of the Innocents


Lord, please bless the children.

Yesterday my hair dresser and I were talking about recent stories in the news about parents killing their own children. C. (my hair dresser and my friend) stood there with scissors and comb in hand struggling to choke back her tears. She said, "I just can't comprehend how anyone could be that desperate, that hopeless. You can't tell me that any parent could go so far overboard that they can't realize what they are doing is wrong and stop themselves."

Lord, I believe you welcome those little children "home" with Your arms spread wide open when their own parents commit the unconscionable act of murdering them. Those precious children are now safe, protected, loved in Your arms. Thank You.

Last night I watched "House" on TV. I don't do that often, but I'm so glad I did. The storyline was about a pregnant woman having to choose between her own life and that of her unborn baby. The story was complicated by Dr. House being adamant about removing "the fetus" immediately. His boss was fighting adamantly, doing anything conceivable to save both the mother and "the baby". It came down to a team of surgeons operating on the baby in the womb. When they made the incision in the uterus a tiny hand reached out and grabbed the doctor's finger.

I know, the episode is based on a real event that was probably nothing like the TV version. I saw that inspiring photo in a magazine several years ago. On TV though, that moment in the episode totally destroyed the neat little package Dr. House had wrapped up inside himself. It unwrapped his carefully designed, self-righteous paradigm justifying abortion. It threw the self-protected doctor into an emotional and philosophical tailspin. The episode ended with him struggling to re-examine his own values.

Oh, if that could only happen in real life.

This trend of parents facing their own tragedies by killing their babies is one of the reasons I am so adamantly opposed to abortion, Lord. For an entire generation now we in America have been callously and legally murdering our own children. It is not only socially acceptable in many circles, it is now emotionally and philosophically acceptable. It's just another form of birth control to many people. That kind of wholesale slaughter of the innocents has effectively seared our consciences. Many adults now see children as disposable objects.

Abortion is just one baby step away from putting a gun to the head of a sleeping 9 month old & pulling the trigger. It is just one tiny decision away from throwing a crying 2-year old off a bridge, or drowning him in a bathtub, or drugging her then setting the house afire & leaving the premises, or slamming a new born against a wall.

Lord, protect the children from US. Protect the generation that is being born right now from annihilation by their own parents.


Millions of voiceless children ripped from their mother's wombs are crying out for justice, Little One. Just because I haven't yet destroyed the evil generation who is killing them doesn't mean I can't hear those silent screams.

I hear them. And I will act for those killed by their parents own hands and those murdered before they inhale their first breath of air. You may or may not be alive on earth when the moment of my vengeance comes. But I WILL take up the cause of the innocent. I WILL destroy the destroyers. At that final, predetermined time I WILL repay their self-consumed evil with punishment they will not be able to escape. In that Day of Judgement those who have shown no mercy will see me as their Merciless Judge.

That's not the picture of a gentle, loving Shepherd-God, is it, Little One? Not the picture of Me that everyone likes to paint. It is the picture of the Righteous-God who will not allow evil and injustice to go unpunished forever.