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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Relationship To You


Last night I was reading and was challenged by a question, Lord. I was challenged to think of one thing, one object, that could represent my relationship to You. A list of things rattled around in my head and I fell asleep last night searching for the perfect one.

A few years ago when our son, D., was deployed to Iran I went on a similar search. I wanted to give him an object to represent home, the people who love him, and his relationship to You. I wanted something small and portable. Something other than a traditional "Christian" symbol.

I searched for weeks before I found the perfect thing. A stone. A slice of polished agate. It's beautiful with startling, clear colors of home and the colors of his children's eyes. He kept it near his heart so that he could simply touch it and be reminded of the things he holds dear.

What would be the perfect object to do the same thing for me? To remind me of my Home in You? To remind me that I'm Your precious, helpless child? To remind me that my identity rests in You?

I think I need to think on this for a while.


You have a lot of choices here, Little One. We both know that I cannot be summarized in one object. But you need one something to remind you not so much of who I am to you, but of who you are to Me.

A lamb? A baby? A jewel? A towel? I wonder what your readers would choose, Little One?

Why don't you think on this today and we'll talk about it again tomorrow.

In the meantime, think about how much I love you. Think about all I've done (& keep doing) for you. Think about how much you are worth to Me.