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Friday, January 23, 2009

A Miserable Day


Yesterday D.L. was having a terrible day, Lord. He's 26 months old, and I must say, he is doing a fantastic job of being a 2-year-old. He doesn't do anything half-way. No, sir-ee. Yesterday, though, he was just miserable. He whined and cried all day. He didn't want to nap, but he didn't want us to take him out of the bed. He didn't want to go anywhere, but he didn't want to stay. When he was with Mama he wanted MeMe. When he was with MeMe he wanted Papa. With Papa he wanted Mama again. He didn't want to play with his toys unless his big brother had them, then he'd snatch them and run crying all the while.

Finally, late in the afternoon he climbed up on his Mama's lap, laid his little head on her shoulder, and whimpered, "I don't feel dood."

I can relate. There are times that I wish I could behave the same way, Lord. There are days I'd love to whine, cry, fuss, throw my toys, and lay in the floor kicking & screaming, too. But that just wouldn't be very mature of me, now would it? And it wouldn't make my day any better, either.

I'm so grateful, Father, that I can find a quiet place, climb up on Your lap, lay my head on Your strong shoulder, and whimper, "I don't feel dood."

Like D.L.s Mommy, You so tenderly comfort me. You cradle me in Your love and console me. You calm my desperate little heart and shush away my tears.

Thank You, Father. Papa. Dada.


It isn't easy being a 2-year-old. Some days frustration strikes at every turn. And that's true no matter what your age, huh? Keep reminding yourself that you don't have to figure life out on your own, Little One. I'm here and eager to help you. 'Cause you're mine and I love you with an everlasting love.

When life blows the top right off of the frustration-meter come a running. My arms are always spread wide open for you.