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Thursday, January 8, 2009

God's Will


Lord, T. called me in the wee hours of morning. She's sick. I urged her to go the E.D. But that's so expensive. She wanted to hold on until this morning to see a doctor in-clinic. What a difficult decision-balancing her checkbook against her need. But most of us always have to do that, don't we? So many of our choices are not what's good & what's bad. Most of the time we are forced to choose between two goods. We are cornered & must choose between what is best & what is better.

Lord, I pray you'll work healing in T.'s body before she ever sees the doctor. I know You can do it if You choose this to be in Your plan for her. Soothe her body. Cool her fever. Ease her pain.

If you will...

Jesus heard those words, too. "Master, if you will, please heal my son."

We all must choose day-after-day, moment-by-moment. Help me to choose wisely in all situations, Lord. I know that You always choose wisely. I choose to trust Your choices for me & for those I love.


If I will...

My will is not some big mysterious blob. Much of My will I've already revealed to you, Little One, in My printed Word. Read it. Study it. Memorize it. Think on it all through the day.

But there are times when My will is too complex, even too frightening for you to understand clearly. During those times let Me hold your hand. Don't run ahead of Me. Let Me guide you through the tricky places, over the slippery rocks. I won't give you a road map with the destination clearly marked & send you off alone. I'll just hold on to you & walk with you to the other side.