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Monday, January 12, 2009

First Response


I have a cold, Lord. A rotten, nasty, sniffing, stuffy head cold. A coughing, hacking, burning in the chest cold. A raw, scratchy throat with laryngitis cold. I spent most of yesterday afternoon curled up under the comforter in bed, trying to sleep.

Life's filled with these miserable little nuisances like colds, Lord. But we march on trying to hold up our end of our responsibilities. I started not to mention my cold to You. It seems so trivial to ask You to help me with something minor like a cold. But then, I remembered that You care about everything in my life. My sniffles are important to You, Lord. Whatever is important to me is important to You.

I'm really glad about that, too. Thank You, Remind me to come running to You first with all my problems.


Whatever impacts you, Little One, is important to Me. It may not be earth-shaking. It may not secure the future of the Nation. But it's important to Me & it will get My full attention because it's important to you. Whether you need help with a cold or a missing key, a stubbed toe or a broken copy machine. Try Me as your first response. Try Me.