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Monday, January 5, 2009

Every Little Yod


Lord, I'm amazed at Your careful attention to details in Your Word. Tiny, intricate threads You've woven throughout the books, chapters, and verses. Words, like threads of thousands of unique colors, are woven together to blend like the spectrum of a rainbow, to highlight each other, and yet, to stand out as individual colors. You've crafted a gorgeous tapestry of words so intricate I can spend my lifetime studying it and never run out of new threads to follow.

I was reading Matthew 1 this morning. You know, that list of "Issac begat Jacob; Jacob begat Judah;" so on and so on. Names most of us can't even pronounce so we kind of bounce over them. But my eyes landed on the familiar name Boaz. He was the father of Obed. Obed was the father of Jesse. Jesse was the father of King David. King David was the forebear of Jesus of Nazareth.

Anyway-all kinds of information about Boaz rushed through my mind. He rescued Ruth & Naomi from poverty when he married Ruth. But, to do that, according to the Jewish Law (Deuteronomy 25), he had to perform the duty of her husband's kinsman. He had to relinquish his right of fatherhood of his first born son. He had to surrender Obed to be the son of Ruth's dead husband. Boaz loved Ruth so much that he agreed to do that in order to marry her.

But here I see HIS name - Boaz - listed in the most famous lineage of all time. According to the Law this list shouldn't even include Obed or any of his heirs. Obed should have been known as the son of Ruth and her dead husband. Yet, we don't even know which of Naomi's sons married Ruth. And here we see Your mercy and overflowing grace attributing Boaz with this honor.

I guess I'm rambling on about one little word, but this tiny detail flabbergasts me, Lord. You sidestepped the letter of the Law You gave so You could call Obed the son of Boaz. What an honorable man Boaz must have been. Did he live by the principles of James 1:27 long before it was penned? You listed him here as one of the forebears of Christ. He lived with honor and compassion and You bestowed great honor on him. It is Boaz, not Ruth's dead husband, who was included in the lineage of Christ.

Maybe I'm being silly. Maybe I'm making too much of this. But, this is one of hundreds of thousands of tiny details that You interlaced in Your Word. How like You! How unbelievably intelligent and creative You are! How careful and observant You are. Not a single hair - or thread - escapes Your attention.

Once again, Lord. You have totally blown me away!


Yes, I'm one of those detail-oriented personalities who has to make sure every yod (even every kotz) is perfect in My Word. And, yes, I also have the authority to lay aside those details in order to complete My plans for your good, Little One.

Wow! It brings Me so much pleasure when you take the time to notice.