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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Empty Jar


This morning, Lord, I'm headed for a women's Bible study at church. I'm leading about 20 women during our small group discussion time. I know what I want to say to cue them. I know the activities I want to use to guide them into applying the truths they'll hear during the large group lesson time. But, Lord, make sure that my thoughts and plans come out of my mouth correctly, please. Stand guard at the gate of my mouth. Don't let my fumbling tongue hinder the other women in any way. Lord, make sure that the words I speak are cues-triggers-to enable the other ladies to see how Your Word applies to them personally.

I don't want to come across as some kind of "expert." I want them to hear the questions I ask and follow the activity I've planned as keys to unlock their own hearts, their own experiences, their own needs. I want the words and activities to lead the ladies to see how Your Word is personally relevant to their own lives.

Help me to step out of the way, Lord, and let You speak.


Remember that "One Thing" from a week or so ago? An earthen jar. An empty vessel. That's all I'm wanting from you, Little One. Stand before the ladies empty and I'll fill you up with ME until I spill down the sides and drench the other ladies around you.

Just be an empty jar. I'll do the rest.