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Friday, January 9, 2009



Thank you, Lord. This morning the ground was covered with our first frost for the winter. Our green lawn took on the sparkle of sugar plums until the morning sun whisked it all away. I love the changing seasons. Here in NC we get to experience all 4 seasons distinctly most years; and I love the differences I can see & feel.

I know they all have a scientific explanation. And I know they serve specific purposes in our growing seasons. But I can't believe that You make them that way simply to be utilitarian. I think You throw in this variety for our enjoyment, too. Or, do these seasonal differences reflect Your own desire for change? Movement? Rhythm? The pleasure You take in variety?

I see variety everywhere I look in Your creation. Trees, flowers, fruits, vegetables, birds & beasts of every description, size, color, shape, & locomotion.

I see variety in land forms & terrains. The waters that cover the earth vary in color & mineral content from shore to shore. Even the sky can be 100 different shades of blue.

And people--oh, my! You made us as varied as all the rest of creation put together, I think. What beauty You added to this world when You forced Your creative genius through the prism of variety.


I created a wide spectrum of species, elements, colors-it's true.

Think how many different flavors you can experience, Little One. And sounds. Each specie of bird has its own particular call.

I have many reasons for creating a multi-faceted world for you, Little One. And for Me, too. The complexity & design of the many variations on each theme are witness to My own complexity & orderliness.

Enjoy the variety. Celebrate the differences.
I do.