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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

By Design

Okay, Lord. I'm getting frustrated. I don't know why, but Blogger won't let me put any hard returns in this post. It won't let me format it correctly so it looks good & is easier to read. Why do I let such little things frustrate me? These are the words of my heart. I know the post doesn't look professional this morning, Lord. But these are the words of my heart anyway. Take it. Use it. Bless it for Your pleasure.
I love this photo, Lord. It looks kind of like a light show, doesn't it? Or an artistically lit amphitheatre. Or a rainbow. A blending of multiple colors on multiple layers with multiple beginnings & endings. They are all overlapping & intertwined.

But it's none of those things. I saved this picture from a news release on Yahoo a few months ago. Later I went back to find its origin & give it proper attribution. But I can't find it. But I do love this photo and its significance, I hope I'm not breaking some copywrite law by displaying it here.
Why am I teasing you so, Lord? I guess for a moment I forgot that You know everything about everything. I can't hide this mystery or anything from You.
But, for my readers' sakes, I'll try to explain.
This photo was created as a visual by some technology students at a Christian university. Each color arc represents a theme (truth or doctrine or principle) found in the Bible. the graphic shows each time a concept is repeated or cross-referenced in the Bible.
It shows me in gorgeous colors how complex Your Word is, Lord.
It shows me how You repeat Yourself again & again in Your Word.
It shows me how intricately You wove the threads of Your Word together.
It shows me how perfectly You engineered Your Word to be.
It reassures me that no human - or set of humans - could have devised such a complex yet simple thing as the Bible.
I'm reading a book called Sacred Echos. It's about the author's growth as she hears Your echoing of certain messages & themes to her heart over & over again.
Sacred echos.
Rainbows of repeated truths.
Display of lights over-arching the truth of Your Word.
Connected thoughts and words stretching through the emptiness of space & time from You to us.
Do you suppose it's just a coincidence that I gave Noah an arc of colors as a seal & reminder of My promise to him to preserve the earth?
Do you suppose it's just a coincidence that My promises & principles in My Word repeat that same design?
With Me nothing is a coincidence, Little One. Everything I do is by design.