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Thursday, January 22, 2009



My Daddy was an imperfect man. He had some glaring faults. But he had one virtue that I thank You for every day, Lord.

He kept his promises.

He would do whatever it took, make whatever sacrifice necessary, to keep a promise. Because he took promises so seriously he thought long & hard before he made one. If he did, I KNEW he would keep it. I just KNEW it.

I tried hard to follow the same practice with my children.

I think that is one of the reasons I usually find it easy to trust YOUR promises, Lord. I KNOW you'll keep them. I just KNOW it.

I'm reading the book of Genesis. In today's reading Jacob is 130 years old. He & his family have packed up & headed for Egypt to be reunited with Joseph. In this passage You speak to Jacob on the way & remind him of Your promise to give him & his descendants the land of Canaan. You reassure him that it is alright to relocate to Egypt. That You'll be with them. You promise to surely bring them back home to Canaan.

It took 400 years for You to keep that promise. 400 years and enslavement before You sent their deliverer, Moses. That's a long time for mortals to wait, Lord.

I know time is not relevant to You. One second or one millennium is but a blink to You. But to us mortals who are hostages to the passage of time 400 years is a very long wait. Long enough that many of Jacob's descendants completely forgot about Your promise to them.

I'm glad that not all of Your promises to Your children take that long.

I will be with you. I will never leave you. I will uphold you. I will protect you from evil. I will comfort you. I will lead you in the everlasting way. I will strengthen you. I will pour out a blessing so great you cannot contain it. I will guide you with My eye. I will bless those who bless Israel. I will give you wisdom. I will honor those who honor Me. I will never again destroy the entire earth. I will be a Father to you. I will call you My friends. I will forgive your sins. Whatever you ask in My name, I will do it. I am preparing an everlasting place for you.

But some promises do take a long time, don't they? Your promise to return for us and take us to our everlasting home is one of them. It's been more than 2000 years since Jesus made that promise. I will come again & receive you, gather you in, unto Myself.

Help us, Lord, not to forget this promise.


Hope, Little One. Hang your hope on all My promises. Don't be discouraged by your journey in Egypt. I will surely take you home to heaven some day. You, individually, when you pass through the door of death.

Or all of you, My blood-bought church, in the twinkle of an eye . That's even faster than a blink, you know.

KNOW it, Little One. KNOW that I always keep My promises, too.