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Monday, January 19, 2009

Attack of the Munchies!


Good morning, Father. I'm siting here sticky & sweaty from exercising. Now, if I could just control the munchies I would make some real progress toward my goal for slimming down. I do great all day, then, about 9:00 p.m. the munchies sneak up on me. An apple or a banana just doesn't seem to satisfy that need to feed, either. I want to nibble. Those little nibbles add up to a lot a calories.

I've noticed that munchie feeling is worse if I'm sitting in front of the TV. I occasionally sit back, relax, & watch a movie. That's when those munchies really attack. Maybe I'd be a lot better off if I never sat in front of the TV in the evenings. I don't seem to want to nibble if I'm busy at housework, studying, or writing.

Hmmm. I'd probably be better off in other ways, too. What do You think, Lord?

A lot of things can sneak up on me when I'm idle. Especially when I'm spiritually idle. If I'm not moving forward in my relationship to You, Lord, those little sins creep up from behind & attack, much like the munchies.

If I'm not keeping my commitment to spend time daily in Your Word, time daily talking with You & listening to You, time daily worshipping You, those little sins can overtake me.

I read somewhere (long ago) that Christians never stand still. We are moving forward, growing, in our intimacy with You, or we are sliding backwards away from You. I don't want to slide.

Keep me, Lord, from selfish, petty sins. Gossip, conceit, negative attitudes, greed, covetousness. Does anybody even use that word anymore, Lord? Covetousness. The "I wanna's." I wanna better car. I wanna bigger house. I wanna nicer yard, a better kitchen, a new wardrobe.

Keep me from those "little" sins, Lord. Make me aware when they start nibbling at my relationship with You. Keep me moving toward You instead of slipping & sliding away from You.


If you're close enough to hear My whispers, you can't be sliding away from Me, can you? Don't force Me to shout across the distance at you, Little One. Stay near enough to hear Me whisper.