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Thursday, December 25, 2008

You Stepped In


Yesterday was Christmas Eve and such a happy day it usually is at our house. But yesterday morning I received that phone call from my sister, T., Lord. One of those dreaded calls. Our sister, C. was rushed to a local hospital hemorrhaging severely. All day and into the night T. kept calling to give me updates. C. was loosing blood at an alarming rate. Doctors with all their diagnostic tools could not locate the real problem-the exact artery that was draining the life out of C.'s body.

And she was so dehydrated, Lord, that for a long time they couldn't get a line started to replenish the blood she was loosing. Mama and my other sisters joined my niece and nephew at the hospital. I was stuck here hundreds of miles from them. They kept their vigil and prayed. I kept mine. Our daughter, T. and our daughter-in-love, K. joined me & J. in praying for You to intervene for C. The wonderful ladies of my Sunday School joined us. We prayed, and You listened.

During the night hospital staff prepared C. for surgery when they thought they had located the problem. Then, one last diagnostic to be absolutely sure of their surgical tact, and You stepped in.

Part of the problem with the hemorrhaging was that C. takes blood thinners for other health problems. But You stepped in. That last set of pictures showed that the bleeding vessel had clotted on its own. Thank You.

Now C. is on bed rest in ICU for several days until doctors are sure that clot will hold and the vessel is healing. Thank You. Lord, I pray You'll continue to get glory from this situation.

I know, Lord, that you answer our prayers in different ways according to Your plan and Your wisdom. I am grateful that stopping the bleed without surgery was part of Your plan this time.

Lord, be glorified in this. I pray that the people I love will see and acknowledge that You stepped into C.'s situation, that You are interested in the details of their lives, that You can not only save them physically, but that You want to save them spiritually, eternally, too.


Merry Christmas, Little One. C. is my child, too. I want to use her life, too. In this way.,in other ways. Keep praying for those you love. I'll keep working on them.