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Monday, December 8, 2008

A Wing and A Prayer


Today I'm thanking You, Lord, for a couple of small miracles. Is there really any such thing? Is it small when You invade our lives to provide for some inconsequential need? It is ever small when You circumvent the rules of the Universe to provide something in our lives? Is even Your thumbprint small, Lord? No.

Last week I prayed for one particular woman and You...Well, You pulled out all the stops for her that day. You performed a small miracle (in the scheme of the Universe) in her life. I'm so glad she recognized it and recognized that You made it happen. Thank You!

And last week You answered a prayer for an insignificant detail in my life. It is insignificant in comparison to the greater needs of mankind, yes. But it was important to me. I've been commenting on Christmas Picture Books on my blog for writers. One of them, Room For A Little One, I believe You want me to use for our Christmas devotion as my husband, my children and grandchildren, and I gather around our Christmas tree this year. I've been searching each time I enter a store for miniatures of specific animals to use in this devotion time. I asked for Your help, and You gave it. T. found two of the animals. Then, last week, I got turned around in a toy store and went the wrong way which just happened to lead me past their miniature animals. Yes, Lord, two more of the animals were there waiting for me. On the way home my sanctified imagination (as my Pastor calls it) came up with a way to make the last animal-a mouse about 1/2" long. When that is done my critters will be complete. Thank You, Lord.

I do hope so much, Lord, that these Christmas devotions will stay with our children and grandchildren. I want so much after I'm in heaven for them to remember that MeMe & Papa always took them to the manger when we gathered around the Christmas Tree. I want them to know that Jesus was not just a babe in the straw-He is the God of the Universe & the only Savior for mankind.

I know it's such a small thing to pray for, God. But, You are not only the God of this Universe, You are the God of little thing, too.


Is anything that concerns you, Little One, too small to be important to Me? Do I not care for every winged thing that cuts through the air? Your prayers are so much more precious to me than a million sparrows. No detail escapes My attention. If it is important to you, it is important to Me.