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Friday, December 12, 2008

Time = Hope


I'm reading-and re-reading-Revelation 19, Lord. My mind flip-flops between awe and disgust. The word "Hallelujah!" echoes throughout this chapter as a great multitude in heaven shouts and worships Jesus. He rides though the annihilation of the great city, the mysterious city You call Babylon. Then He rides into the City of God in victory over all of His enemies. All the residents of heaven, the redeemed and the angels, shout Praises to You for this great victory and in preparation for the wedding of the Lamb and His bride, the Church. That's us, Lord.

It will be a noisy, bold, glorious victory celebration.

But I also read here about the total destruction of Your enemies with the great city of Babylon. A mighty angel will summon all the birds (vultures) to come to the battle and feast on the bodies of Your enemies. Those enemies are people who will be sentenced to eternal punishment after they die in this battle. My heart breaks for those people. For the multitudes of people who will spend eternity in unquenchable fire and agony because they audaciously oppose You.

You ARE King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus. You ARE worthy of our worship & praise. You ARE worthy to be called Faithful and True.

These events will not happen by some whim of Yours, God. Since the Garden of Eden humans have refused to worship You, refused to submit ourselves to You. And from the first book of the Bible through to the last (Revelation) You have been warning, teaching, inviting, commanding, sacrificing to bring us to our knees before You. Some of us humans listen, obey, love and worship You. But many have refused and will continue to refuse regardless of the appeals You issue. I know. You are long suffering and patient. I know this destruction promised here comes only after ages of opportunities to worship You. I know.

If only we humans could see and believe that rebellion against You leads ultimately to destruction. If only...


The end has not come yet, Little One. There is still time for multitudes of humans to be saved. Time to proclaim the gospel message to nations and tribes and language groups. Time to tell your next door neighbor how to be forgiven of his sins forever. Time for you to urge your family and friends to accept Christ Jesus and ask Him to forgive their sins.

The clock is still ticking. The hands are still moving. There is still time for people to avoid this horrible destruction. And as long as there is time, there is hope.