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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Tick of Time


I'm still plodding through Revelation, Lord. Chapter 17 introduces the Woman on the Beast-the Great Prostitute. I must admit that I spent some time trying to figure out who (or what) she might be. Can I see her faintly on the horizon right now? In real time? Somewhere in the world today? Verse 9 says, "This calls for a mind with wisdom." Well, that isn't me. The only mind wise enough to understand all that is contained in Revelation is Yours, Lord.

One phrase in this chapter (verse 17) caused me to stop, to thank You, and to wonder at You in the midst of the destruction and death I'm reading about. It says: "For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish His purpose..."

I stand in wonder, Lord God, of Your Hand in our history. From the Garden to the Exodus, from Babylon to Bethlehem, from the Roman Empire through the discovery of the Americas, from ancient China to the European Alliance of the 21st Century, You have put it into our hearts to accomplish Your purpose.

The march of history is the story of humankind's successes and failures, true. But it is also the the story of God. "History is HIS story," I once read. I believe it, Lord. You do control the affairs of humankind. You do control the aging and reshaping of this planet on which we live.

I believe that all of history was , is , and will be in Your capable hands, God. From Your voice creating everything from a huge nothingness, until the final tick of time-it is all in Your powerful hands.

That genders in me great confidence in You. That strengthens my faith in You, and enlarges my hope in You.


That is one of the main reason I gave these words of Revelation to the First Century Christians, Little One. To give them hope in the midst of terrible persecution such as you cannot even imagine. Hope. In Me, Little One. Not in peace. Not in prosperity. Not in unity. Not in education. Not even in freedom & liberty.

Hope in Me.