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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Star Wars and Little Debbies


I finished reading 11, Lord. I'm still musing on some of the things I read in it.

Sweet says we all need a Yoda in our lives. You know, Lord, like in Star Wars. We need a mentor, a guru, a coach, a spiritual teacher, a director. Each of us needs someone to look up to spiritually-someone older & wiser in the Faith. I think of people I've read after as my Yodas, Lord. People like Ruth Bell Graham & Elizabeth Elliott.

Sweet also says our Yoda should have humility. And spiritual honesty enough to tell us the truth even when it is hard to hear. And a Yoda must have honor that he or she has won fair & square. honor that stems from integrity. A Yoda needs to challenge us spiritually to become all that God wants us to become.

Sweet says we also need a Deborah. Someone who always has our back. Someone who'll ride into battle with us and be our rear guard like Deborah did Barak. Deborahs cover us with prayer. My Pastor calls them "rope-holders." Like the friends who lowered the crippled man by ropes into the presence of Jesus. Like the anonymous disciples who lowered Paul over the wall in a basket when his life was threatened.

Sweet says we also need to be Deborahs. We can be Little Debbies to people we don't even know. People serving in distant places. People yet to be born. We can be rope-holders, prayer-warriors, Little Debbies, to future generations. That possibility gives me great hope, Lord. I want to influence my grand children and my great-great-great... grandchildren.

Lord, give me the spiritual maturity & wisdom to Yoda others. And Lord, please give me the spiritual courage & vision to Debbie others. Open my mind each time I pray to hear Your promptings. To hear You whispering the names of those people for whom I should be praying.


I've noticed you keep a long written prayer list, Little One. Names, events, needs, people, projects that burden your heart, that capture your attention, that tug at your compassion. That's an excellent reminder. But, don't be chained to that list. I will interrupt your list from time to time with names, events, needs, people, and projects that burden MY heart.

When I do, when I bring something to your mind, STOP. Listen to My voice. Lay your "list" aside, and pray for that thing. It's always a good plan for Little Debbies to follow my holy promptings, Little One.