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Monday, December 15, 2008

Play It Again!


I'm listening to traditional Christmas music today, Lord. Nutcracker, Ave Maria, lots of carols. We hear them year after year. We re-arrange them to fit the rhythms of swing, rock, R & B, jazz, & everything in between. And we never seem to get tired of hearing the same tunes & the same words over & over again. The familiarity is comforting, I think. The repetition brings back memories & the happy emotions associated with them. We enjoy playing the same songs again & again.

I'm reading a book (Aren't I always reading a book?) about prayer-sort of. It's called The Sacred Echo and it's about the words & messages that You keep giving us as individuals. You keep repeating the same words to me. Words like "I love you." "You are precious to Me." "I will never leave you." and "You can trust Me."

I agree with the author. I keep needing to hear those same words over & over again. I know they are true, but I need to hear them from You again & again. I used to wonder why. I used to think it is because I'm such a stupid, slow learner. But I'm changing my thinking on that, Lord. I think it might be because You designed me-& all of us-for relationships. We need each other & we need to be loved & we need to be reminded by words & deeds that we are loved. I think we have that same need in our relationship to You. You made us so that we are not complete when we are alone.

Even people who enjoy being alone, enjoy isolation, for the most part still need contact with others or they start to get off balance emotionally, mentally, & even physically.

Thank You that You tell me these things over & over again in Your Word. Thank You that You whisper them to my heart as I read the Bible, as I kneel in prayer, & as I relate to this world You created and to the people in it.


You're kind of like a jigsaw puzzle with a few missing pieces, Little One. The picture is almost complete without them. It's recognizable but the whole picture isn't complete, isn't at its best, isn't as beautiful as it could be, without those last couple of pieces. Your relationships to others & to Me fit perfectly into those empty spaces in your life.

I planned it that way on purpose.