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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Perfect Gift


Last week I started my Christmas shopping which is NOT my favorite thing to do.

I want to give meaningful things to the people I love, Lord. This year J. & I have agreed to give fewer "things" to the people on our list. Not because of the economy. Not because we are short on funds. Not because we're old Scrooges. No, it's because we see the horrible way consumerism & materialism control our lives & we believe we are contributing to that mentality of dissatisfaction by giving too many things, too much "stuff", to the people we love-especially to our grandchildren. The more "stuff" we give them the more they come to expect it. The more they elevate "things" in their lives. We want them to learn to value people & relationships more than things & money.

So, we want to give them a few carefully selected gifts, plus LOTS of time, attention, & love. Help us to stick to our commitment. Help us to avoid the "Oh, so & so would LOVE this thing-a-ma-bob! Just one more gift can't hurt" mentality.

You know, Lord, this year I'm trying to make some special gifts for special people. Help me as I make candy, cookies, & breads. I want the goodies to be pretty & delicious so I can give my best efforts to those people. And there are a couple of sewing projects, too. Please make them turn out lovely, Lord.

Also, there's the poem or story I want to write especially for my family. I keep racking my brain for an idea. Lord, please inspire me with an idea that will show them how much I love them and how much I love You with words of beauty written especially for them. I want this gift to be my best effort, also.


Add this up, Little One.

Time + Attention = Love. The perfect, one-size-fits-all, fully returnable gift for everyone on your list.