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Friday, December 5, 2008

Goals For Next Year


Father, I've started praying about Your goals for me for next year. It's been our habit (Yours & mine) to spend New Year's Eve or New Year's Day alone together so I can start to understand Your will & Your plans for me for the new year. You always give me just enough information that I can see what Your spiritual goals are for me for the next 12 months. And, true to Yourself, during that year events, people, and emergencies always appear in my life to work on those particular characteristics or traits.

I am humbled that You, the King of the Universe, take such a personal interest in me. But, then, You are my Daddy and I am Your child, aren't I?

As I go through the busyness of the Christmas Season speak to my heart, Lord. Point out the goals You have for me for 2009:

For my personal relationship & fellowship with You
For my own character & growth toward Christ-likeness
For my relationships to other people
For my involvement in organized ministries
For our financial involvement in missions
For my ministry of writing
For my opportunities to minister to people in my sphere of influence

Speak to me, Lord. I'm listening.


How long have we been doing this each new year? 1986 was the first year you set aside this time to hear from Me regarding the direction of your life. It was after you read that book Disciplines of a Beautiful Woman by Anne Ortlund. Let's see 1986 until 2009 is...23 years. A long time for you. A blink for Me, Little One.

I can hardly wait to spend that chunk of time alone with you again.