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Friday, December 19, 2008



Lord, I'm going down my "list" of people I pray for: family members and their extended family members, friends, old friends I haven't seen in ages, members of my Sunday School class, members of my church and their family members, people I've met once or twice, writing friends and their families, government officials, pastors, missionaries, mission organizations...

I can't possibly remember all of them all the time. You know, Lord, that's why I keep them in print. I'm amazed that You have no trouble at all remembering them--remembering us.

You never get confused. You never lose Your place. You never overlook one of us or one of our many needs. You outrank us immeasurably, Lord. You outweigh us. You out think us. You outperform us.

There is just no comparison. Yes, that praise song is right: "There is none like You!"



Someday every knee will bow and every tongue will confess this, Little One. You have chosen to bow before Me now, voluntarily. But someday-when there are no more days to be lived on this earth-someday every person will praise Me. Voluntarily or not.