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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Consciousness Of Your Presence


My friend, Dixie, has mentioned Amy Carmichael a few times here, Lord. So, I pulled out my little paperback edition of Candles in the dark by her. Elizabeth Elliot introduced me to her writings several years ago. I've tried to picture her. Her tiny frame physically working day and night to meet the needs of the orphans she loved so desperately. But, I think, her love for them paled in comparison to her love for You, Father. Her words scribbled long ago by candlelight ring true for me today.

"The best training is to learn to accept everything as it comes, as from Him whom our soul loves... all is well if only we are in Him, deep in Him, and He in us our daily strength and joy and song."

Amy prayed constantly for a consciousness of Your presence with her. I ask the same of You this morning, Lord. As I paddle my way through this day may I be constantly conscious of Your presence in me and around me.

I pray the same comforting and strengthening consciousness for some others who are dear to me, too, Lord. I'm thinking of one woman in particular right now. Oh, how she needs to feel Your holy breath on the back of her neck. Lord, she's feeling desperate. I heard it in her voice last night. Lord, massage her heart with Your firm, gentle hands this morning. Whisper Your love for her so that she'll weep-not out of desperation, but out of joy.

Send some small joy into her life today, Lord. She's run completely out of it. Her little pot is bone dry. Fill it up again, drop by drop, with Your joy, please.


Come, all of you who are wearied by life. Come, all of you who feel like you're being trampled by circumstances. Climb onto My lap. Lay your head on My shoulder. I will give you the rest you need. Then, I will bathe you in My joy. I'll pour it over your head so it streams all the way down to your toes and puddles around you. Splash in it!

Don't be discouraged if your little pot is empty right now; that means there's plenty of room in it for a fresh supply of My joy.