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Friday, November 21, 2008

God in the Bad Times


I was listening to the news on TV tonight, Lord. I know better than doing that; it just depresses me. The media zoom in on a story and squeeze every drop they can out of it. Our economy is the BIG story now. I don't trust what the media says about it or anything else. I KNOW they are slanted. They tell us what will draw us into their particular brand of "news."

Our economy is supposed to be in a dangerous position right now. Just listening to this one broadcast almost made me feel afraid, desperate. Then, I remembered, that our economy is built on spending, spending, spending. We've been expanding and building and annexing for years now. I remember about a year ago thinking, just how long can we continue to build new structures, create new products, sell new & improved everything? Sooner or later something has to fall, to crash, to fold. We can't just keep going up and up forever.

Maybe it really is catching up with us. Maybe we are headed for desperate financial times. I don't know. Maybe we need to learn the lessons that my parents & grandparents learned in the 1920s. Lessons like living on less, making do, re-using & re-cycling everything. spending more time than money on people we love, being ingenious & creative with whatever we have on hand.

I know most Americans think our economy is in the hands of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. But I know, Lord, that it is in YOUR capable hands. If we're headed for dismal financial times I just ask You to make them draw us closer to You, Lord.

Maybe the time is right for us to learn the painful way that we CAN'T handle everything ourselves, that we need to look to You as our Provider.

I'm just making wild guesses, Lord. But I pray you'll use whatever turn the financial base of this country takes to remind us that it is You who provides all the wealth of money and resources that we enjoy.

You hold the hills that hold the coal in Your hands.
You hold the rocks that hold the petroleum in Your grasp.
The air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil that provides nourishment for every plant we use is in Your back pocket, Lord.
The ores that melt into metals that hold up the skyscrapers are under Your feet, Lord.

The food we produce, the fabrics & fibers we harvest, the chemicals we mine & fabricate are all under Your control.

In the days ahead, Lord, remind us that it all belongs to You.


Yes, I own the cattle on a thousand hills. And I own the hills. And the grass that grows on them. And I own the soil and the rocks and the minerals running through them. The water filling the stream beds is Mine. The air overhead is Mine, too.

Maybe now is the time for you all to learn those lessons first hand. Maybe not. You'll just have to keep trusting me day after day, one day at a time through this "crisis" and every other one that crosses Your path.

I'm your God in the good times and in the bad. Remember that, Little One.