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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Event


Yesterday was a blitz of shopping, Lord. Picking up a few little things at each of about six different stores. Oh, not things for me. Last minute things for this weekend's Conference. Today I'll repeat the process with a couple more stores. I've made my lists now I'm checking things off one at a time.

I love that, Lord. I love to mark through the items on a list. Each check-mark gives me a sense of accomplishment, I think. As the event approaches I feel like I'm picking up my pace like the heroine of those old World War II movies. She's standing on the landing at a train station. She stretches herself an inch taller. She scans the sea of people boarding and exiting the train. Her eyes search faces-so many of those olive drab uniforms are crammed into one small space. Then she sees that special smile, those particular eyes she's been looking for. As he threads his way toward her she walks, then jogs, then breaks into a run toward him. The movie ends with the two of them locked in an embrace, she's crying, he's laughing.

Now that really sounds silly, doesn't it, Lord? To compare my To-Do list with a romantic reunion. But I do feel the adrenalin pumping as the event draws nearer. I do feel that I'm accomplishing something as the finish line comes into view.

Thank You, Lord, for the process of getting to this point. Thank You for trusting me and G. and S. with this responsibility. Thank You for intervening for us in numerous ways. Thank You for each person who will attend. I ask You to travel with each person and bring them safely to us, and take them safely back home.

Lord, I ask You to speak directly to each attendee and to each presenter. I ask You to walk right into the middle of this Conference and touch each one of us. Change us so that we walk out of the event with hearts ablaze for telling Your story to the children You place in our lives. To children we'll never meet face-to-face until heaven.

God, You are welcomed here.


I'll be there, Little One. Many "conferences" are taking place this time of year. People gather to exchange ideas, to motivate, to find solutions, to educate. In most of those meetings I am not an invited guest. Thank you for the invitation. I'll be there.