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Wednesday, November 12, 2008



I am reading Revelation 11 now, Lord-the Seventh Trumpet blast. In heaven the many voices and the 24 elders declare that You are the One who is and who was and who reigns and destroys the earth.

It strikes me that throughout these chapters (4-11 so far) the tense of the verbs switches back and forth between past and present and future. I know John (who received this Revelation) told the details in the past. I know that in his vision he was witnessing the events in the present. And the vision speaks of the future. But the tense slides from one to the other without warning or transition.

Then, I remember that You gave John the vision and that time doesn't exist for You.

In the first pages of the Bible You record that You created time for us-not for Yourself. Adam and Eve sentenced us humans to limited time on earth by their disobedience. But You-You are eternal. Yesterday and today and tomorrow are all seamless to You. You view the universe from the other side of the galaxies-the other side of time.

Even the name You gave Moses to identify You illustrates this point. Yahweh. Yhvh. I looked it up in my Davis Dictionary of the Bible. It probably came from the ancient Hebrew verb hawah which means to be or to become. I remember that from junior high English:

am, are, is, was, were, be, being, been, will be, has been, had been, will have been...

The King James Bible translates that as "I AM that I AM."

You are. You were. You are to come. You have always been. You will always be. You have always existed. You will always exist. You are self-sufficient and self-existent. You depend upon nothing or no one. Before anything else existed, You were. Someday eternity will explode all over this minuscule planet. When the dust settles You will remain.


And you'll be there with Me, Little One. You and all My servants the prophets and My saints and those who reverence My name. (Rev. 11:18) Eternally.

Yes, Adam and Eve sentenced your bodies to limited time on earth. But the Second Adam-My Son, Jesus Christ-can liberate your souls to live outside the bounds of time and space. Eternally. With Me.