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Friday, November 14, 2008



Lord, a few months ago J. and I were flying to KY. I was packing and trying to get everything into one suitcase so J. wouldn't have to wheel a bag through the airport. One hand holds his white cane and the other hand keeps him balanced. So I was tucking socks inside shoes and rolling small garments, then stuffing them into corners. After a few minutes of arranging and rearranging things I realized I couldn't get the case closed and zipped. I tried pushing, shoving, and smashing, but the zipper wouldn't make it all the way around the case.

I was trying to cram too much stuff into too small a space. At last I gave up and transferred our things to two smaller suitcases.

I do the same thing with my life sometimes. Like lately. I try to cram too much stuff-too many activities and projects-into too small a space-my time. I get them all done somehow. But I have to make sacrifices I really don't want to make.

The first thing I sacrifice is sleep-and we both know that impacts the way I feel and the way my body functions. Next, I sacrifice down time for relaxing. Same results. both my body and my mind get stressed. Next, I sacrifice time with my family to get the jobs done-to meet my deadlines. And, I may as well admit it, the next thing I sacrifice is quiet time alone with You, God. The result is great projects but poor relationships.

Do all of us sacrifice relationships for projects, Lord? Do all of us let activities slide in between us and other people? Between us and You?

I'm sorry that I put my tasks between You and me. I sacrificed time absorbing Your Word to meet my deadlines. I sacrificed time listening for Your voice to handle calendar-driven events and projects.

Then I wonder why it's sometimes difficult for me to hear Your voice. I'm such a slow student, Lord. I'm sorry. Please forgive me for slighting both You and my family.


You know that large plant in your living room? The one in front of the window? It's called a prayer plant for several reasons. It's glossy heart-shaped leaves and sturdy stems stretch upward and outward. Tell Me, Little One, what happens to that plant if you neglect to water it?What happens when the soil dries up?

It droops. It wilts. Those shiny leaves and sturdy stems curl up and collapse. It shrivels and hangs low. It isn't very pretty any more, is it? It looks like it's dead. And, indeed, it is dying for lack of water.

Kind of like you, isn't it? What happens to your activities and projects when you deprive yourself of prayer time? Of time reading My Word? What happens to you and your relationships?

To be beautiful that plant needs a lot of water. Often. When you realize it's drooping you must immerse the pot in water for a while so it can absorb the moisture it needs for good health.

I forgive you. But, now that you realize you are drooping, Little One, maybe you should climb into the sink and turn the water on.

I want your life to be lush, and more beautiful than that prayer plant.