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Monday, November 24, 2008

A Day of Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving week. The Big Day is this Thursday. The Day we set aside to remind ourselves to be thankful--to You, our God. Help me not to get tangled in the details of the feast, Lord. Help me, instead, to get caught up in YOU. Forgive me, Lord, for focusing on the preparations for the Day of Thanksgiving, instead of giving thanks.

J. made a comment last night at our supper table that echoed my own thoughts each time I go through the check-out & slide my sliver of plastic through the reader: we are so grateful, Lord, that we don't have to count our pennies & choose between grocery items when it comes time to pay. For many years grocery shopping was a huge ordeal for that very reason. Each week we'd have to count our pennies & decide which grocery items were absolute necessities and which we could do without. Our finances were so tight that we had no choice but to make those decisions week after week. We avoided convenience foods & always chose everything by price instead of quality or contents.

But You have blessed us in the past few years with bounty and we can waltz through the check-out without balancing our check book. What a HUGE privilege this is, Lord. Help us to never forget how You saw us through those lean years and that it is You who is blessing us right now with more than enough.

We're getting new tires on our car today, too. I can't count how many patched used tires we had to buy over the years. How many times other people donated a tire, or a repair job, or a tank of gasoline to us. Whatever our need was we'd come running to You with our purse turned insdie out and You always provided for that need somehow.

Now, we are so greatly blessed that we can, at times, savor the joy of helping someone else with their need. It's a wonderful privilege. Yes, Lord, it truly IS more blessed to be the one giving than the one forced to be receiving.

Thank You for providing for our needs each day. Regardless of the state of the economy we KNOW with 100% assurance that You will continue to supply our needs. Why? How? Because Your Word promises us that, and because You have already proven it to us again & again.

O, LORD, how great and marvelous are Your works. How great and marvelous are You.


As you enjoy the feast you'll prepare this week, Little One, take each bite with gratitude. Reheat each leftover with gratitude. Push away from the table and pat your full belly with gratitude. Like your pastor said yesterday in his sermon, transform this day of thanksgiving into a life of thanksliving.