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Monday, October 27, 2008

Work and Pray-Pray and Work


Fall is finally here. Thank You, Lord, for this cold snap we're having. I love it. We've pulled out the sweaters, blue jeans, and jackets. The days are getting shorter now as this hemisphere of the world slows down to winter's pace.

Birds seek warmer climates. Small creatures find hollow trees and old barns in which to hide from winter's icy breath. Thank you for our warm, safe house. Lord, we want You to use this house as Your own. Make us joyfully hospitable to every person who steps across the threshold. Make us generous with everything in our pantry. Make us kind and gentle to each person within its walls.

Lord, You know I"m working long hours and sacrificing sleep-time to handle the dozens of details for the Write2Ignite! Writers Conference. It's coming up in less than 2 weeks. You know all that's running through my head. You know all that is yet to be done. Enable all of us on the team to accomplish these things graciously.

Lord, You also know who is supposed to attend this Conference. I pray You'll provide them with money for transportation and accommodations while they are here. Lord, I pray You'll put the right people in the right workshops so that they can be blessed. Then they, in turn, can bless the children for whom they write.

Lord, I pray for the presenters as they prepare to teach. Touch a hot coal to their lips, Lord. Burn Your message into their hearts so they might proclaim it to us.

Lord, deepen my faith in You through this event. It's testing my metal. It's showing me how courageous-and how fearful-I really am. It's showing me how narrowly I define success in my life. Lord Jesus, teach me more about my weaknesses.

And show me more of Your strength.


I applaud your hard work, Little One. But I want to remind you of a quote that decorates your office wall, "Never take on more work than you have time to pray about." "It," Little One, is the whole project. Make the time to pray more than you plan, pray more than you execute, pray more than you worry.

I plan for every attendee to learn great things next weekend. That includes you, Little One. That especially includes you.