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Thursday, October 30, 2008

What A Relief!


Good morning, Lord. A big-no huge-task is eight days ahead of me. We have a smidgen more than one week to get all the little details completed. But I have a problem. I seem to have misplaced my joy in the mad rush to get this project organized, Lord.

The other night J. lost his wedding ring. T. and I went through the living room with a fine-toothed comb. Turned his recliner upside down. Even took the back off of it. Disassembled the sofa. Crawled under the bed to search. Dug through the kitchen trash. That ring was nowhere to be found. So, we went to bed praying we could find it the next day.

During the night, while J. rested, a possibility blossomed in his head. When he awoke the next morning he asked me to search in one more place. I've grown accustomed to being his "eyes," Lord. In his mind he still sees perfectly, but his eyes simply don't function. So, following his directions I went to the freezer in the garage, lifted the lid and cautiously shuffled the contents.

Sure enough, resting beneath a loaf of bread was his slice of white gold peeking through icy crystals. The ring had obviously slid off his finger while he was digging around for a loaf of bread the night before.

What a relief!

But I've misplaced something far more valuable than a wedding ring, Lord. I started this project with a mountain of enthusiasm and joy. Now, it has leaked out somewhere along the way. I can see the finish-line and my sack of joy is disturbingly light.

I need a refill, Lord. I need for You to recharge my batteries, please. I want this event to honor You, to bring You joy as we worship and work together next weekend. I need a surge of energy, enthusiasm, and joy to carry me over the potholes and into this event.


What's that?You've misplaced your joy? How that can be, Little One? Don't you remember what I said in Psalm 43? Have you forgotten that I am your joy? You can never misplace Me, now can you?

You can get tired and weary. You can become discouraged. You can be physically and emotionally drained. But lose your joy? Not a chance. I am your joy and I will never leave you nor forsake you, Little One. Your joy is right where it has always been. Safely tucked away in Me.

Come here. Just a little closer now. Shhh. Be still. Rest. Listen. Hear it? Do you hear My heartbeat? That's where you'll find your joy peeking through the tasks ahead. You'll find it right here in Me.