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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Too Late


Lord, I was reminded last night of Pastor's sermon Sunday morning. What a compelling message he delivered on FAITH. I believe his sermons get better every year, Lord. Keep him in Your perfect place and plan for him. Protect him from falling for temptations that could cause him to fall apart. Keep him a man of integrity, Lord. A man who listens and hears Your voice, then delivers Your message with truth and love.

At one point in the message last Sunday he mentioned that Jesus could return to earth anytime. Time will cease. Eternity will begin with earnest. Then, our faith will become sight. We will see and experience all the things You have stored up for us in Heaven.

That's wonderful to think about. Hallelujah! Come on, Lord Jesus.

But it's also heart breaking to think about. I stood there praising you one second, then crying the next. Crying for so many people I know who do not have a personal relationship with You, Jesus. The people I'm thinking about right now show no evidence in their lives that they have asked You to come into their lives, forgive their sins, and give them a home in heaven with You.

I felt sadness for them. Because at the moment You appear You will set eternity into motion. There will be no turning back the clock for there will be no time. There will be no second chances to repent of sin and accept Christ. Their eternal fate will be sealed when the angelic trumpet blast calls us to heaven. The people I know, respect, and love who did not accept Christ will forever be doomed to eternity without Christ.

I cried for them.

Lord, help me to open my mouth and share Your wonderful love and mercy and grace with the people I know. Help me to do the most loving thing any human being can do for another-to lovingly help them see their need for a savior, and tell them about Your perfect plan for their salvation.


So often you shrink back from opportunities to tell them about Me and My Son, Jesus. You're more afraid of hurting their feelings or alienating them from you than you are afraid for them to enter eternity without Christ.

Do the loving thing. Love them with all your heart. Show them Jesus with your life. Tell them about Jesus with your mouth.

Before it's too late.