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Friday, October 31, 2008

Sleeping In


It finally caught up with me, Lord. I knew it would eventually happen. You knew it would eventually happen. My tired little body couldn't get out of bed early this morning. I slept in. That's such an unusual occurrence for me. And we both know it doesn't even make me feel better. As a matter of fact, the symptoms of this crazy fibromyalgia are worse when I stay in the bed late. I thank You for the rest, but, now I have to get these limbs and this back limbered up and moving.

When I sat in front of my computer this morning I saw a few new emails. Two of them (from two different and unrelated people) were identical lists of excuses I offer You, God, and Your answers recorded in Scripture. Thank You. You know that today I need to see Your power and grace and love expressed to me in Your Word.

When I think a task You've put before me is impossible You've already declared that nothing is impossible with You. When I think I'm too tired, or I can't go on, or I can't figure out this dilemma Your Word tells me that Your grace, Your wisdom, Your strength is more than I need.

Thank You. Thank You for being patient with me and reminding me of Your truths. And, Father, thank You for demonstrating these truths in my life. I want to just step aside and unveil Your grace, Your power, Your strength, Your love for other people to see.


I WILL supply all your needs, Little One. And I won't do it with leftovers or table scraps. I will meet your needs from My storehouse of exceeding, abundant riches. You can depend on it.