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Thursday, October 16, 2008



Lord, in Revelation chapter 8 it says that just before the seven angels are given their seven trumpets heaven will be silent for half an hour.

Silent. Why? Will all the inhabitants be stunned? Will everyone be praying silently? Will we be steeling our hearts for the terrible things we're about to witness on Earth? Will we be in reverent awe of You?

Silent. I'm a talker, Lord. Unfortunately I often live by the code of, "For goodness sake-say something!" But I'm learning that it is usually in silence that I am most profound.

When others mourn it is my silent presence that brings them the most comfort.

When others fear it is my silent presence that gives them the most courage.

When others suffer it is my silent touch that shouts out my love and concern.

When others rant and rave in anger it is my silence that pierces their hearts and brings calm to the situation.

When others question You it is my silent steadfastness that witnesses to Your power in my life.


It is in your silence that you can hear My voice, My heartbeat, Little One.

And in that day of the seven trumpets it will be in the silence that all will hear My heart breaking for what is about to come.