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Wednesday, October 15, 2008



I couldn't resist, Lord. It's October & a little chilly. We've received some rain lately, too, and my roses love this weather so much they decided to come out and play. I had to take some snapshots.

I had forgotten that my roses like to surprise me with a splash of beauty when the weather begins to tiptoe its way into fall.

Thank You, Father. Please make my life add unexpected beauty to other people's lives today.


I know it's a Corny old saying, but, well, it's true, Little One. Just bloom where I plant you. Drink in the rain I send to your life. Open up wide to receive the sunshine I send. Sink your roots deep into My Word and My promises to you. Dance in the winds that try to tear you away from Me.

And remember, a rose releases its sweetest perfume when its beautiful petals are crushed.