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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One Thing At A Time


Whew! Home at last. I think for me & J. that is the best part of any trip - coming home. Thank you for this house on this street in this quiet neighborhood. This place we call home, Lord.

Help me as I tackle the job of catching up. You know I tend to panic when I'm running behind, when things are out of sync and I'm in catch-up mode. Help me to simply do all I can do and leave the "catching-up" to You. That's hard for me. Seeing things around me undone. Knowing deadlines are looming. So, I go into control-freak mode. I don't like myself when I do that, Lord. I'm sure nobody else likes me either when I act like that.

Forgive me for sliding from trusting You to grasping for control. Forgive me for loosing the joy of each moment because I'm frantic about all that has to be done in the next.

Lord, put before me today the tasks that I need to do - today. When this day is done help me to close my eyes, rest, & trust You. To sleep well knowing you will help me tomorrow to do what needs to be done that day. One day at a time, one task at a time, instead of living in a frenzy.


You're feeling like you have too many plates in the air, aren't you? Frenzy. Frantic. Frazzled. Flustered. Frustrated. Or, as your Mama says - "Flustrated."Those words even sound uncomfortable when you say them, don't they?

They are never part of My vocabulary, Little One.